Every person of substantial means desires to transfer assets to beneficiaries smoothly and without rancour. The efficient way is to create a living Trust. Investment One can provide trusteeship services to ensure that your assets are transferred smoothly to designated beneficiaries.

A trust is an arrangement whereby one person (“the Settlor” or “Grantor”) transfers his/her assets or property to another person (”the Trustee”) to hold for the benefit of other persons (the “Beneficiary”).

We offer the following Trust Services: Corporate Trust, Public Trust, Estate Planning and Private Trusts

In carrying out our role as Trustees, we render the following functions:

  • Managing the assets of the Trust.
  • Distributing income and assets to beneficiaries.
  • Paying debts and expenses from the Trust Fund/Assets and collecting assets payable to the trust e.g. life insurance and retirement benefits.

We proffer living trusts services over a will because:

  • The Trust Deed is confidential and is not accessible to the public unlike wills which is accessible to members of the public.
  • Contests and lawsuits over the validity of the Wills resulting in delays are eliminated in trusts.
  • Payment of estate tax on assets under a Will is eliminated in Living Trusts.

What do you stand to gain by appointing professional trustees?

  • Professional investment management of your portfolio – The investment strategy is tailored for your trust’s assets having regard to your age, needs, and circumstances.
  • Decreases the chances of incurring loss associated with errors made by tending to your investments.
  • Frees up valuable time for managing your investments for other interests as such investments are now managed by the Trustee.
  • Acts in the best interests of beneficiaries. The trustee’s duty is to treat all beneficiaries fairly

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