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Wealth Management & Trust

Our wealth management team is committed to providing institutional and high net worth clients tailored investment services to suit their unique goals. We dedicate time to understand each client's needs and weigh their risk appetite to offer distinct investment solutions.

Our Wealth Management and Trust services comprise of:

  • Investment Management Services
  • Trust Services
  • Nominee Services
  • Client Advisory

Investment Management Services

Our team of experienced and dedicated relationship managers work closely with high net worth individuals and institutions to meet their specific investment needs.

We have various funds products tailored to suit individual needs. Our array of funds management products covers equities, fixed income instruments and real estate.

Trust Services

At Investment One Financial Services Limited, we offer the following Trust Services:

  • Corporate Trust

    We act as Debenture Trustee or Security Trustee in syndicated lending transactions, protecting the interest of the lenders (banks) in the borrowing company's secured assets and ensuring that covenants and undertakings by the borrowing company are regularly complied with. We also enforce security in the event that the borrowing company fails or defaults in its obligations to the lenders.

  • Public Trust

    In Mutual Funds, Unit Trust Schemes and Real Estate Investment Trusts, our role is to protect the interest of the Unitholders by exercising oversight functions over the activities of the Fund Managers and ensuring their compliance with the Investment and Securities Act, the Rules and Regulations made pursuant thereto and the Trust Deed in particular. We also act as Bond Trustee to local and international Bond Issues by making certain that interest and principal payments are met by the Issuer as they fall due and the Issuer performs its obligations without fail. We represent the interest of Noteholders in Note Issuance Programmes as the Note Trustee.

  • Estate Planning and Private Trusts

    We render advice to our clients in their Estate Planning process whether it is the making of a Will or a Trust.

    • Wills

      We act as executors and trustees of Wills thus providing the necessary professional skills required to administer the estate of the Testator, pay estate taxes and distribute the estate in accordance with the terms of the Will.

    • Living Trust

      We assist our clients to set up a Trust through which they can transfer their wealth and assets to us for estate tax efficiency. Our clients also gain the additional advantage of having their wishes being carried out perfectly without fear or favour because they have entrusted their assets to a professional and reputable trust company.

    The distribution of their estate during and after lifetime is in their control and is tailor-made to suit their unique needs. As professional asset managers, we offer our clients sound and prudent management of their assets even as we accumulate more wealth through prudent investment for them and their successive generations.

    A living trust (inter vivos trust) sets out instructions on how wealth should be managed in the lifetime of the client and distributed after his/her death. The instructions are contained in a document called a “Trust Deed”.

    The wealth is transferred to us as the “Trustee” during the lifetime of the client and is managed for the benefit of persons called “the Beneficiaries”. A living trust presents numerous advantages such as confidentiality as details of your trust are not subject to public scrutiny thereby making it more difficult for third parties to challenge the distribution of the trust estate; the legal formalities of a will are dispensed with and the Probate Court has no jurisdiction over Trust assets.

Nominee Services

We provide nominee services by creating a securities account, managed by our dedicated team for the beneficiary.

Services we render include:

  • Holding or arranging for the Securities to be held in safe custody;
  • Delivering any documents evidencing proof of ownership of the units representing the Securities and where necessary any other instruments relating to such Securities to the Beneficiary.
  • Collecting and/or receiving, for the account of the Beneficiary, all income and other payments and distributions attributable to or in respect of the Securities;
  • Receiving and holding for the account of the Beneficiary, all securities received by the Nominee as a result of a stock dividend, shares sub-division or reorganization, capitalization of reserves or otherwise.
  • Dealing with bonus issues, warrants and other similar interests offered to or received by the Nominee;

Client Advisory

Our client advisory services are personalised to suit the individual client. We offer a complete guide to personal financing and we help our clients to:

  • Create Budgets
  • Plan for future expenses
  • Plan for retirement
  • Manage taxes