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Question 1

In general, how would you describe yourself?

  • Careful
  • Willing to take risks after completing adequate research
  • A go-getter
  • A risk avoider
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Question 2

You have just finished saving for a vacation for 2 years. Three weeks before you leave, you lose your job. You would:

  • Call off the vacation
  • Take a shorter/smaller scale vacation
  • Go as scheduled because you deserve the break
  • Extend your vacation because it might be the last time to go first class. You can job hunt after.
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Question 3

When you think of the word "risk", which of these words rings a bell?

  • Trouble
  • Sacrifice
  • Loss
  • Opportunity
  • Thrill
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Question 4

Imagine you had an investment portfolio worth N1,000,000. Due to market conditions, your portfolio falls to N850,000 within a month. What would you do?

  • Sell all your investments because you don’t want to lose more money
  • Sell a portion of your portfolio to cut your losses and then reinvest the rest into more secure investments with smaller returns
  • Hold the investment and sell nothing, hope for things to improve
  • Invest more funds now that prices are lower
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Question 5

What is the most you can bear to lose when markets go down?

  • 20% and above - I am prepared to accept above average risk
  • 10% to 20% - I am willing to accept an average loss
  • 0% to 10% - I am fine with a small drop in value for short periods
  • I don’t subscribe to the idea of losing a kobo
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Question 6

Which statement do you mostly agree with?

  • Risk is an essential part of life. If no one took risks, we wouldn’t make any progress.
  • Risk is a part of life, but in moderation. Anything more is recklessness.
  • Risk is sometimes inevitable. But apply caution.
  • Risk is a form of gambling. More often than not, you lose.
  • Risk should be avoided. It’s just an excuse to be reckless.
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Question 7

Your trusted friend and neighbor, an experienced real estate developer is putting together a group of investors to fund a luxury apartment building. The venture could pay back 50 to 100 times, if successful. If the project fails, the entire investment will be worthless. The chance of success is 50-50. If you had the money, how much would you invest?

  • Nothing
  • One-Month Salary
  • Three-Months Salary
  • Six-Months Salary
  • All Your Savings
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Question 8

What are your thoughts on saving?

  • I saved enough to get through university. I plan to enjoy all my money now.
  • I always intend to save but sadly, expenses always come up.
  • I save once in a while when I have extra cash to spare
  • Every month, a fixed amount goes into my savings account.
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Question 9

How do you feel about investing?

  • I’m usually worried I might lose my money
  • I never make the right decisions
  • I always invest smartly
  • I’m too busy calculating the profits I make
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Question 10

When you need to make a serious financial decision, what do you do?

  • Speak to a financial advisor to get professional guidance
  • Procrastinate till the opportunity passes you by
  • Speak to wise colleagues
  • Try your luck
  • Let your conscience guide you

Akagum But Careful


You are more inclined to save as much as you can now and are very reluctant to take risks that won’t yield short term results. This means you could miss out on opportunities to grow your wealth in the long term.