10 African Holiday Destinations When Money Is Tight

You may think that going on a holiday can only happen when you have a ton of money. And so, you decide that your only option is to drown yourself in work until you can afford it. But, before you become like the proverbial Jack who became a dull boy because of all work and no play, check out our list of affordable African holiday destinations.

  1. Accra, Ghana

For many Nigerians, Ghana is that neighbouring country that is right in their backyard. From the orderly state of the city to the unhurried manner of the drivers who are free from ‘danfo’ motivated rage, Accra is a great getaway. According to crazytourist.com, “The many beaches surrounding Accra are what tourists love the most, particularly Labadi Beach.”

  1. Kigali, Rwanda

If you are eager to breathe clean air in a litter-free city, Kigali is the place to go. This is apart from the fact that the locals are friendly towards visitors. It would be worth the effort, to pay a visit to one of the Memorial Centres dedicated to the 1994 genocide. In this city, there is no dulling at night! The various nightclubs give the Kigali dusk a spark.

  1. Massai, Kenya

The Massai tribe of Kenya have preserved their culture over the years in spite of Western civilisation. Visitors can take part in the Massai dance and even buy their handmade beaded jewelry as souvenirs. Among Kenya’s many Parks and Reserves, the Massai Mara National Reserve, named after the tribe, makes a great Safari destination. Mountain Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa, is also worth a visit. It promises activities like climbing, trekking and hiking with snow and ice splattered about the mountain.

  1. Johannesburg, South Africa

Jo’ burg as it is sometimes called, has an upbeat feel about it. The city’s energy is contagious. One would enjoy fine dining, great shopping experiences, entertainment, theatre performances and even museums. The Apartheid museum is one of the wonderful places to see. To get a chunky scoop of the city’s hipster culture, visiting the Maboneng neighbourhood on the Eastern side is highly recommended.

  1. Timgad, Algeria

There are certain things you cannot miss in Algeria. The stunning architecture of Tlemcem that can equally stand beside those of countries like Spain and Morocco. The tourist pull of the landscape of Bejaia. Historical reminders of Roman military colonisation and a lot more. Timgad is one of the best Algerian towns for seeing Roman Ruins. Besides Timgad, there are also a number of cities to pant after in Algeria.

  1. Lagos, Nigeria

As bustling as Lagos is, it is not that difficult to find holiday destinations in the coastal state. Home to a number of unspoiled beaches and holiday resorts, there are destinations that will ‘cool your mind’ after all the hustle. Examples include Whispering Palms in Iworo Adijo Town in Badagry, La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort, Atican Beach Resort, Camp Ikare Beach Resort at Badagry, La Manga Beach Resort along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Ilashe village and Omu Beach Resort. Lagos promises a lot more holiday destinations than can be listed here.

  1. Calabar, Nigeria

In the Capital of Cross River state is the Obudu Mountain Resort. The centre is a Prime tourist attraction in Nigeria. Both local and international visitors go there because of the attention paid to the development of the resort. It has a water park with slides and a swimming pool. You can also enjoy the golf course and horseback riding.

  1. Bauchi, Nigeria

Bauchi state is home to Yankari Game Reserve. The location is a haven for land animals, birds and aquatic life. In this resort, one would find The Marshall Cave Systems and Wikki Warm Springs. One can also go swimming in The Wikki River.

  1. Ekiti, Nigeria

Ekiti is home to the awe-striking Ikogosi warm spring and cold spring confluence. As a result of the mysterious spot where two springs of different temperature meet, Ikogosi Confluence has been a tourist attraction and a holiday destination for years.

  1. Imo State, Nigeria

Located in the Oguta Local Government, in Imo State is the Oguta Lake Holiday Resort. It has a standard golf course and a number of amenities that attract visitors like bee to nectar. The large freshwater lake and recreational facilities are on point. The exotic nature of the environment and its serenity connive to make the Oguta Lake Holiday Resort a desirable holiday destination.


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