Back To School On A Budget

At the turn of the week, schools would resume. Do you have any savvy back to school tricks or tips you use to save money every year?

Well if you happen to be one of those who does not or are looking at going back to school on a budget, we have a few tips we can share with you:

  • Take stock:do a stock sweep to confirm if you have any school supplies which can be resused or if some clothes still fit and are in good condition. You can then fully identify exactly what they need more of.
  • Make a list: while shopping, try to stick to your list
  • Sales advantage: you can compare and be on the look out for sales during this period. You can find some really awesome bargains but you would be required to start early to shop.
  • Set Limits: as kids grow older they will insist on the latest items for school resumption. These character focused products can destroy your back to school budget. You can set limits with your kids and speak with them on money based values.
  • Buy in bulk: when buying essentials (pens, crayons or glue) you might want to buy in large quantities with your friends or neighbours who can pool funds together to buy the needed supplies and shared equally.
  • Timing is of the essence: by avoiding peak periods (August & January), you can save a huge amount of money by buying after the rush when certain items would be on sale for 50-70%.
  • Shop online: while you might not have the time to go out shopping, you can compare and do all your buying online. Some of the best deals can be found online and it can be delivered to you at your convenience.
  • Keep it simple: You need only the basics to get started-not everything you will need for the entire school year. While on a budget, its best to buy thw minimum your child needs right away and work the other items into your budget over the next few months.

While a number of people really do not want to think about back to school amidst festivities; it pays to be prepared so that back to school shopping doesn’t become a budget buster.

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