Back to School Tips for Parents

The school break is over and it’s that time again when parents break a sweat over school fees. It doesn’t have to be so dramatic whenever the children are returning to school if one is well prepared. Here are a few tips for parents in preparation for the new school year:

  • Make provisions for food: The children will eat breakfast and take lunch to school during the term (if the school does not provide lunch) hence they will need all the nutritional allowances you can afford. For the stage of life they are in, it’s mandatory to ensure that their meals are well garnished with enough vitamins, proteins and carbohydrates.


  • Manage their play time and activities: Children tend to get easily distracted when at play and forget to get their homework done. As the holidays come to an end, you should ensure that their playtime is reduced so they can focus more on their studies and their bedtime is observed. This is to enable them adjust to the routine within the school week.


  • Make a List: Make a list of what the children will need; books, uniforms, stationery, shoes etc. and decide on what to purchase by doing a review of what they already have. Keeping your spending within limit of a budget helps to avoid unnecessary expenses and reduce wastage. It’s possible that some items they used during the previous school year are still useful and will not need to be replaced.


  • Set Term goals: Putting the last school session’s results in perspective, you should set goals for what you want your children to achieve in the new term and session. Have a sit down with their teachers and discuss ways to achieve these outcomes. As the children will be spending a lot of time with their teachers (whether in a new school or not), you need to find out from them how you can help to achieve these set goals. Don’t leave the children out as well, let them be aware of these goals and affirm your commitment as well as theirs in the achievement of these goals.


  • Create routines and habits: Ultimately, our habits shape who we become whether old or young. You need to drill the children to have certain routines and habits that would be self-sustaining both on the long and short run. Create time for playing, eating, studying, sleeping etc. As a parent, you would also need to create a habit of preparing for the next school day, the night before; this will save you a lot of stress in the morning.


  • Update all security procedures: The school needs to be informed of your new staff or any third party (anyone that is not you or your spouse) that would be in charge of school runs.


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