Post Millennial is a name given to the generation born between mid-1990s to early 2000s. Post millennia’s interaction with their financial future is completely different to their parents’

To guide this new generation to taking charge of their financial future: we have identified the following tips in tandem with their needs:

  • Economize – with a new job comes the excitement of spending your entire paycheck and more. However, it is best to be thoughtful when it comes to spending as you have a lifetime to build your finances; build up on savings rather than start a life time habit of overspending/incurring debt


  • When you a start to earn income, avoid debt by building up your savings first before buying big temptations such as a car, a house, a new ward robe etc


  • Avoid instant gratification and the need to own the latest technology accessory and fashion item. Be financially prudent from your 1st pay cheque


  • Retirement – You have a long time before you retire, the beauty is you can start saving now. Take advantage of the Pensions structure in your organisation.


  • Manage your cash flow – set up a savings account that would come in handy for meeting up with short term goals. You can schedule automated transfers from your salary account.


  • Track your spending as much as you can


  • Set your financials goals



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