Abacus Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ABACUS Money Market Fund?

The ABACUS Money Market Fund (“the Fund) is an open-ended unit trust scheme particularly suited for investors seeking for preservation of capital and short term return.

How does Abacus Money Market Works?

It is a pool of fund that invest in high quality short term money market securities, unsubordinated short term debt securities such as Bankers’ Acceptances, Certificates of Deposits, Commercial Papers, Fixed Deposits with eligible financial institutions.

What are the benefits of investing in the Fund?
  • Liquidity
  • Diversification
  • Regular income
  • Funds are managed by thoroughbred professionals
  • Easy subscription and redemption process
Who will manage the ABACUS Money Market Fund?

The ABACUS Money Market Fund will be managed by INVESTMENT ONE Funds Management Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Investment One Financial Services limited, currently licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission as a fund/portfolio management company

What is the minimum subscription amount for the Abacus Money Market Fund?

The minimum initial investment is N1,000 while additional investments shall be N1,000 and above.

How do interested investors subscribe to the Fund?

Interested investors will be required to complete the application form. Completed forms should be returned with a bank draft or cheque payable to UNITED CAPITAL TRUSTEES / ABACUS MONEY MARKET FUND with the name of the beneficiary written at the back or that I have forwarded evidence of payment to the Fund Manager

What will I receive as evidence of my investment in the Fund?

Every Unit-Holder is entitled to a Statement of Unit Holding in respect of the number of units held by him/her in the Fund.

How do I monitor the performance of the Fund?

The daily prices are available in Business Day Newspaper on weekdays; you will receive quarterly statement of account. Additionally, you can visit the website http://www.investmentone.com/funds-management.

What is the Fund’s Asset Allocation?

The fund would invest in between 10%-75% of its total assets in bank deposits, 25%-80% in government securities and 10%-75% in other money market instruments.

Is there a guaranteed Rate of Return?

The return on the Fund is a function of prevailing interest rates in the Nigerian Financial Market. The return on investment is calculated based on cumulative rate for the period of investment.

What is the procedure for redeeming my investment?

Unit-holders will be required to redeem units online or complete a Redemption Form. Once the document has been verified, the redemption request will be processed within Three (3) business days.

Can additional contributions be made to the initial investment?

Yes, additional contributions can be made into the fund.

Who will monitor Investment One Funds Management’s activities as Fund Manager?

The Fund, like all mutual funds in Nigeria, will be regulated by the SEC. In addition, a Trustee, United Capital Trustees Limited has been appointed to act on the behalf of unit-holders, legally ensuring that the Fund is managed in the best interests of unit-holders and in accordance with the provisions of the Trust Deed.

Who are the trustees of the fund, and what is their role?

The trustee of the fund is United Capital Trustees Limited. The trustees have a legal duty to protect the interest of the unit-holders. Their activities would include ongoing supervision of compliance with the investment policies of the fund.

Who can invest in the ABACUS Money Market Fund?

Anyone can invest in the fund. The fund would be attractive to all investors who desire a steady stream of income and have low risk appetite. The fund is structured to pay dividends quarterly. High net worth individuals and Institutional clients can also take advantage.

What is the KYC requirement for Abacus Money Market Fund?

Passport photograph, Valid ID card (National ID, International Passport, Drivers’ License, Permanent Voters card) and utility bill (not older than 3 months). For minors, Passport photograph, Birth certificate, Federal Government Issued ID card of minor as well as KYC document of the administrator to the account

How do clients make payment for the Fund?
Account Number 0017139206

For further enquiries, please contact:
W – www.investment-one.com
E – funds@investment-one.com
T – (01) 448 8888