Portfolio Management

Our Portfolio Management Service combines our vast robust team of highly intellectual researchers and subsequent analysis by the Investment Steering Committee.

Our investment philosophy focuses on safety, liquidity and yield

We explore investment opportunities and base our investment decisions on informed market analysis. Investment could be in different asset classes including equities, fixed income, real estate, and other alternative investments based on the investor’s time horizon, risk profile and investment Objective.

We deploy top-class instruments selection and asset allocation strategies that produce impressive returns on capital invested as well as mitigate against capital loss.

Investment Strategies

Growth Portfolio

Achieve above average growth in the long term

With asset allocation is 70% in equities and 30% in Fixed Income instrument, you have a high risk portfolio and high risk rating

  • Equities 70%
  • Fixed Income Instruments with High Risk Rating 30%

Income Portfolio

Preserve invested capital without much consideration for real returns

Focus on Overweight Fixed Income instruments such as FGN Bonds, Treasury Bills, Bank Deposits, etc. over Equity and achieve regular income payout with a low risk portfolio.

  • Equities 10%
  • Fixed Income Instruments with Low Risk Rating 90%

Income & Growth Portfolio

Attain a combination of capital growth and income with minimal volatility

The Asset allocation is 50% in equities and 50% in Fixed Income instrument. Achieve regular income payout with a medium risk portfolio.

  • Equities 50%
  • Fixed Income Instruments with Fair Risk Rating 50%

Capital Preservation Portfolio

Capital stability with little volatility, minimal income and return growth

Equal weighting in fixed income instruments excluding equity and alternative investment. Build a low risk portfolio with regular income payout.

  • Fixed Income Instruments with Near Zero Risk 100%


  • Customised Relationship Management
  • Professional reporting on a quarterly basis
  • Competitive returns
  • Opportunity to diversify investment across different asset classes
  • Speedily execution of transaction

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