Guaranteed Investment Savings

The most astute investors started small and built their net worth over time – consciously and consistently. We offer you the platform to do the same through our Guaranteed Investment Savings (GIS).

GIS is a product through which you can put aside as little as ₦2,000.00 periodically and over a period of time your little seed would have grown into a mighty oak tree.

  • ₦2,000.00 minimum monthly investment and interest compounded monthly
  • Funds are locked in for a minimum period of 12 months
  • Periodic contributions via direct debit, cheques or cash deposits
  • Quarterly electronic statements
  • No Management fee
  • Pre termination fee (25% of accrued Interest)
  • Acts as a fall back in times of need
  • Offers returns higher than a savings account will offer for same amount
  • Principal is guaranteed
  • Avails you with an avenue for medium to long – term savings
  • Investments are in Grade A fixed income instruments
  • Managed by experienced fixed income traders thus reducing loss due to unskilled management
  • Flexible growth options within the fixed income securities space
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