Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Investment One Stockbrokers Int’l Limited?
Does your company manage corporate and individual accounts?
Do I get an assigned account officer?
How do I pay into my stockbroking account?
Do you accept cash payment for stockbroking transactions?
What do I get from you as a proof of my trade transactions with your firm?
What is the minimum required –opening- balance?
Will I get a frequent stock recommendation from you?
What are the associated charges for buying or selling of shares?
Do you have online access for me to monitor my stocks?
How do I know when trades are executed on my behalf?
I do not get SMS trade alert from you.
How long does it take to sell shares and get paid?
What is T+3?
What is a share?
Who is a Registrar?
What is the CSCS?
How do I retrieve my lost certificate(s)
What is dematerialisation of share certificates?
Can I sell my stocks in certificate form?
What is the official trading hours on the NSE?
Can your company help with locating my shares which I purchased a while back (global search)?
I visited the registrars with respect to setting up my e-dividend mandate and was informed that they do not have my signature specimen.
Can I submit my stale warrants for revalidation?
How do I revalidate my stale dividend?
I need information on share certificate, bonuses and dividend warrant, can you help me?
What is the process involved in the recovery of return monies on un-allotted public offer shares?
Can I transfer my shares from my current house to Investment One Stockbrokers Int’l Ltd?
How do I monitor the stock market and know the gainers and losers?
How long does it take the registrars to verify a share certificate?
What is Direct Cash Settlement?
How would investor accounts be made available for Direct Cash Settlement?
How would this work?
Is Direct Cash Settlement compulsory for all investors?
What is the process of disengaging the Service?
What is NASD?
Is there any difference between NASD and the NSE?
What is the meaning of quoted and unquoted securities?
What are the trading hours on the NASD OTC market?
How can I buy or sell unlisted securities on NASD OTC market?
What are the transaction fees for buying and selling securities on NASD?
Do you require further clarification or information?