Working Together to Prevent Suicide

In recent times, an estimate of about a million deaths per year is attributed to suicide. This is about 1 in 10,000 persons (1.4% of all deaths), a death every 40 seconds or 3,000 every day. It is also said that by 2020, an estimate of about 1.5 million deaths by suicide would have been reached.

Suicidal thoughts often stem from deep feelings of insecurity, sadness and lack of fulfillment amongst other things. It could be triggered by the loss of a business, purpose, property or loved ones. Of the known causes/triggers of suicide, the leading cause identified has been a major psychiatric illness – in particular, mood disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia. Other causes include substance abuse and family history.

According to a research reported by the BBC, having insufficient funds has often been a cause of depression among people. Slightly more people rated money as a likely cause of depression over a death or illness in the family.

Thus, a major preventive measure against suicide would be to help people be financially equipped, in order to avert the “mid-life crisis” that is tagged with job insecurities and financial crisis.

If you know someone that is suicidal or suspect them to be, here are some tips to guide your interaction with them.

  • Identify

How do you know a person is suicidal?

They talk about it, engage in self-destructive behavior, have extreme mood swings and engage in corresponding actions.

  • Help

How do you help someone struggling with suicidal thoughts?

Check on them often. Try to engage them in activities that bring them from isolation. Get them professional help. Treat them with love and kindness through their struggle.

  • Self-Help

How do you handle personal suicidal thoughts?

Start again. Start a new project, engage in something that interests you. Make plans for your emotional, physical and financial health. You may not always get it right but having plans towards the future is a good place to start.

  • Prevention

How do you prevent depression caused by financial struggles?

Look into investment and multiple streams of income. Having your financial life balanced could be the key to keeping depression at bay. Work towards having safety eggs and having your money make money for you.

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